Margalit Winery

The Winery

Margalit Winery is a family owned winery founded in 1989. In 1994 the winery moved to its second home in an orchard near the city of Hadera. Lastly the winery came to rest in the village of Binyamina, not far from the Mediterranean shore, midway between Tel Avivand Haifa. It was launched in 1991 and at first he interest in the tiny winery grew slowly. It was the first boutique winery in the Israeli wine industry, which was then controlled by a few large and medium sized wineries. Ten years later, when Margalit Winery became known and established, we planted our first two vineyards in the Upper Galilee and Binyanina. In 2011 we planted our third vineyard nearby in Zichron Yaakov. The production grew gradually from 80 cases in 1989 vintage, to the current annual production of approximately 2,500 cases.

The Vineyards

In principle, we do not buy grapes from any external source and we make our wines only from grapes grown by us. By doing so, we have full control of the human factor which is responsible for the grapes’ quality. The rest depends only on nature and the annual weather conditions. In addition, without irrigation there is no need for chemical nutrient supply, which is most important in typical irrigation, however there are enough nutrients in the deep soil, which are less depleted by the irrigation of the top layers of the soil. The final result of this e is a lower grape yield, with small berries, and a potentially higher quality of wine.When the grapes are fully ripe we harvest by hand in small boxes of 10-20 kg. Generally speaking, in our vineyards, any vine produces approximately two bottles of finished wine.

The Winemakers

Yair Margalit, founder and owner, and his son Asaf, winemaker and owner, work together to create some of the most expressive and characteristic wines made in Israel today. They are passionate about minimizing intervention and enthusiastic about their role as winemaker’s translating the language of nature through the grapevine.

The Wines

Riesling, 2017 – Impeccable riesling from the landmark Israeli winery. Crystalline acidity and ripe grapefruit flavours linger on this impressive white. Optima , 2017 – The fist white produced by the first boutique winery in Israel. Blended with a newly discovered grape, Margalit Blanc, found in their very own vineyards. True serendipity. Paradigma GSM, 2017 – The first wine ever made from the southern Rhone grapes Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre, by the first boutique winery in Israel. Ripe berries and florality shine on this spicy, easy drinking milestone. Cabernet Sauvignon, 2016 – Single vineyard Cab. from the legendary producer that started it all. Ripe and open with rich red and black fruit with baking spices lingering on. These wines age like a dream, that is if you can wait ;-). Cabernet Franc, 2016 – A single vineyard Cab. Franc showcasing the potential of Israeli wine. Dense black fruit and dark flowers balanced by a peppery earthiness and grippy tannins. Ages beautifully. Enigma, 2016 – The flagship wine of Margalit. A blend of both single vineyards the wine is round, rich, dense and complex. Black plum, baking spice, leather and a slight herbiness make this one to remember.

Visiting Card

Margalit Winery Ha-Takhana St 60, Binyamina-Giv’at Ada www. 054-628-5666

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