Gros Winery

The Winery

A small, garagiste winery owned by Yehuda Dov Gros in Nehalim.

Gros is the leading Etrog producer in Israel and for many years the famous Margalit Winery was situated in one of Gros’ orchards, near Hadera. Yehuda Gros was captivated by the reverence and respect given to Margalit wines, but was frustrated because being religious, he was forbidden to drink a non-kosher wine. So he decided to make his own wine and in 2011 produced his first vintage. He made the wine in a joint venture with Oded Shoham, the founder of the Israel Wine Experience.

The Vineyards

Gros purchased the vineyard at Kadita, in the foothills of Mount Meron in the Upper Galilee, at an elevation of 800 meters above sea level. The soil is volcanic. The summer months are hot, but it can be cool and rainy in the winter, with occasional snow.

The Winemaker

Yehuda Gros is the winemaker and one of Israel’s leading winemakers, is the consultant winemaker. Gros and Shoham taste the wines and make the blends together.

The Wines

The first label is Shoham Black Onyx (mainly Cabernet Sauvignon) and

the second label is Shoham Onyx (a Bordeaux style blend).

There is a white wine Shoham White Onyx (made from Sauvignon Blanc).

Finally there is a rare, limited edition red called Bereshit.

Visiting Card

Gros Winery may be visited with advance booking.

There is an opportunity to taste wine and the handmade ‘My Chocolates’ made by a Belgian chocolatier on the same site.

Gros is marketed as part of Handcrafted Wines of Israel.

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