Nana Estate winery

The Winery

Nana Winery was the vision of a pioneer winegrower who saw the desert developing into a unique terroir. Our winemaker, Dana Beny works closely with Kerry Damskey, a winemaking consultant from California who specializes in terroirs with various extreme conditions and the creation of unusual wines. Nana Winery invites you to share our desert experience: Wine. Love. Tradition.

The Vineyards

Nana’s vineyards are planted in Mitzpe Ramon on the highest river bed in the Zin Wadi at an elevation of 800 meters above sea level. The loess soil in which it is planted is rich in minerals and the vines benefit from the extreme temperature difference between day and night. The combination of these conditions imbue the grapes with a compelling desert character and quality.

The Winemakers

Eran Raz, nicknamed “Nana”, is the winegrower who transformed Mitzpe Ramon into one of the most desired regions from which many boutique wineries acquire their grapes and in 2014 the Nana Winery was established as an estate winery for the production of wine using its own grapes.

The Wines

Tethys, 2017 – Inky and deep, this wine is a pioneering blend showcasing the potential of desert grapes to make complex wines without heaviness. Cassiopeia, 2017 – Earthy and dense this syrah based wine harmonizes between ripenes of fruit and a lightness of body giving this slightly saline wine a unique edge. Chardonnay, 2018 – Developed and balanced this chardonnay shows elegance and restraint while bringing the full personality of the grape to for. Desert wine FTW.

Visiting Card
Nana Estate Winery Address: Nana Estate Winery, 171 Road, Mitzpe Ramon, 8060000 Email: Telephone: 03-539-6145 | 054-4444037 Directions: Nana Winery- The Vineyard, recognized by WAZE