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Boutique producers in Israel have come together to form a cooperative project to present handcrafted Israeli wines to the world.  Curating a careful list of wines and wineries we seek to have each producer shine light on a different facet of the dynamic and incredibly unique Israeli winescape. 

Join us on an adventure of taste and delight.

Dedicated to the pursuit of exceptional wines

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Take your next flight with us

tasting experience

Welcome to Israel

Get a taste of the Israeli wine frontier.


What’s included

  • 4 Wines, including 1 premium wine

65 NIS per guest

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tasting experience

Milk and Honey

Broaden your horizons with a taste of different regions in Israel and feel the magic in the glass.

What’s included

  • 5 Wines, including 2 premium wines

105 NIS per guest

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tasting experience

The Promised Land

An in-depth wine experience with liquid gems from around the country.

What’s included

  • 6 Wines, including 3 premium wines

160 NIS per guest

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tasting experience

Custom Tastings

Prefer whites? Rose all day? Maybe a guided tasting of only premium Israeli wines?

No matter your preference we can custom curate a tasting for any occasion to suit your palette.  Click on the link to speak to our internationally certified sommelier and create your custom tasting experience. .

Min. 160 NIS per guest

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Bringing the winery to the city
Some of the best wineries in Israel have come together to present their best in our urban visitors center. Join us amidst the charm and style of picturesque old Jaffa for a tasting experience like no other.



7 Yoezer st. Jaffa, Israel


Daily 10AM – 7PM
Last tasting at 6PM

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Come join us amid the charm of old Jaffa and try some fine Israeli wine.

Tasting room open every day 10:00-19:00

Discover our premium services and spectacular wines.

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