Bar Maor Winery

The Winery

Bar-Maor Winery specializes in regional wines at Hanadiv Valley Israel’s oldest traditional wine region, using traditional vineyard methods, dry farming and minimal intervention. Each wine is handcrafted, and is a true expression of the region. The winery is situated in the winery town of Binyamina, near Binyamina railway station, and a few kilometers from the vineyards in Hanadiv Valley. Rami Bar-Maor is a pioneer in Israel of the more natural, ‘laisser faire’ way of winemaking and the use of free run juice only, and is a fervent advocate of the region.

The winery produces 25,000 bottles a year of quality table wines. His wines are sold in leading restaurants and the main specialist wine shops in Israel. The Hugh Johnson Pocket Wine Guide, (the Michelin Guide for wine) lists the winery as being amongst the best in Israel. The winery is awarded Two Stars, which relates to ‘above average wines’. Bar-Maor wines are described as ‘wild and intriguing’.

The Vineyards

Bar-Maor Winery is a pioneer of Hanadiv Valley (Bikat Hanadiv), south of Zichron Ya’acov. It is named after Baron Edmond de Rothschild who founded the modern Israeli wine industry at the end of the 19th century. It was here he chose to plant his first vineyards and so it is Israel’s oldest vineyard area in modern times. Hanadiv Valley is a part of the northern coastal region, surrounding the southern slopes of Mount Carmel, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Rami Bar-Maor is a fervent believer in the importance of making the wine in the vineyard and follows his own regime with belief and determination. North facing vines, unique canopy management and dry farming, (extremely rare in Israel), enables the production of wines with high natural acidity. This gives the life and freshness so distinctive of Bar-Maor wines.

The vineyards rely only on the winter rains with no artificial irrigation. This leads the roots of the vine to burrow deep in search of water and natural micro-nutrients, which are highly beneficial to the creation of a vine with a true individuality. The soils are Rendzina white limestone, an ancient reminder of the sea of Thetis, and are a natural restrainer for over growth, leading to wines with freshness and high natural acidity.

The varieties grown include: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Marselan, Carignan, Syrah, Merlot & Cabernet Franc.

The Winemakers

Bar-Maor Winery was established by Rami Bar-Maor, an Ex-architect by profession, from which he experienced attention to detail and aesthetics. He worked for years, alongside the famous sculptor Dani Karavan, experiencing how context and aesthetic values come to together in a work of art. He interred at the Margalit Winery, one of the leading wineries in Israel, and graduated from the Cellar Master Course at Tel Hai College.

He is totally involved with every aspect of the winery from growing the grapes, making the wine to receiving visitors…. and even including the administration chores of the winery. If ever there was a one-man operation, this is it. He has a quiet, serious, lugubrious countenance, but he becomes animated and alive when discussing his vineyards and wines. All the wine labels are home designed with wit, context,  humor and originality.

The Wines

Bar-Maor Winery’s winemaking philosophy promotes wines of high drinkability, which is perfect for the Israeli climate and for matching the local cuisine. The wines are comparatively low alcohol with character and great acidity.

They are divided into three different labels:

The entry level of the winery is the Hanadiv Label. Here there is a white wine blend, a rose, a summer red called Tammuz, and a rounder, more full-bodied red called Lilith.

Hanadiv Label is characterized being juicy, mouth watering and easy drinking with low alcohol sensation and great complexity.

There are then the Single Vineyard wines. These include varietal Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Syarh and the Red Moon Merlot.

The Single Vineyard  label is characterized being zesty, mineral, chalky with green aromas in whites and floral and purple fruit aromas with dry herbs and minerality in reds.

Finally there is the prestige, flagship wine: Archetype, a blend of Syrah, Carignan & Marselan,  characterized being high complexity, multi layered, black berries, dried herbs and a good minerality.


  • Hanadiv Blanc – Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay.
  • Hanadiv Rose – 100% Marselan. Delicate pink, refreshing.
  • Hanadiv Tammuz – Marselan…Summer blend. Refreshing.
  • Hanadiv Lilith  –  Syrah & Carignan…Full bodied, round and full favored.

Single Vineyards:

  • Sauvignon Blanc – Zesty lemon, mineral green apple.
  • Chardonnay – Aromatic and fragrant. Modern style. Food wine
  • Cabernet Franc – Fresh & spice, with herbaceous notes.
  • Red Moon  –  Merlot. Unique, supple & complex
  • Syrah – Meaty & fragrant purple flowers.


Archetype Reserve – Syrah, Carignan & Marselan. High complexity. Cuve

Visiting Card

Bar Maor Winery 054-4388894 / 077-3488894 12 Ha’melacha, Binyamina.

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